IOS Meeting Liverpool 4th July

Gave a talk on medico-legal practice to a mixed audience (in terms of clinical experience) at the Indian Orthopaedic Society meeting on Saturday. Quite well received but 376 mile round trip in a day rather challenging.

NSpine Nottingham 26/6

Talk on whiplash to mainly pain doctors at N Spine in Nottingham Friday 26/6. Interesting Q&A afterwards reflecting different perceptions of surgeons and pain specialists on the underlying condition & mechanisms in WAD.

Tony Fogg

Sad, sad day. Mate, partner in Orthopaedics, “crime”, sport, and general joie de vivre died at Papworth Hospital this morning. A great loss to Orthopaedics, Spinal Surgery and the world in general. He will be sorely missed.

Injured Jockeys Fund

Pleased to announce that I’ve been approached to be a Trustee of the IJF and I consider that to be a great honour. 1st meeting (as an observer) next Tuesday.

MDT/NHS Politics

Some interesting clinical conundrums to unravel at the weekly spinal MDT at GWH today. Also much insight into intra & extra hospital politics regarding management of patients with back/spinal problems both in the NHS & private sector.

In the greater scheme of things distressing to hear of a Welsh patient moving to a caravan in England so that he can get cancer drugs funded……….?


Been asked to speak to someone in the USA concerning, “recent whiplash reform changes and their related effects to the independent medical testing space”……………..interesting!


New experience last week, 8 webinairs on whiplash (with Phil Fagg) at Bond Solon in London. Doubt if they will qualify for consideration for the BAFTAs…….but interesting nevertheless.

Wednesday 30th July

New website due to be up and running today, thankyou to PinkFish for that.

Operating this morning, then telephone discussion on Med Neg case which is ongoing, followed by more ML work plus paper to get on with for B&J 360. Would have been nice to accept invitation to Goodwood, but…………….


New website due to be up and running tomorrow…………..with blog, should be interesting.